Founder and CEO

Dr. Lim is the founder and CEO of New Iridium LLC. He earned his Ph.D. in 2015 in Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder under the tutelage of Prof. Charles Musgrave. Dr. Lim’s technical expertise includes organic synthesis, chemical process design, photoredox catalysis, and quantum chemistry. He is co-inventor of organic photoredox catalyst (PC) technology using dihydrophenazine and phenoxazine. His skillset in quantum chemical simulations facilitated the PC molecular designs and their use in functional polymer and small molecule syntheses.

Dr. Lim's vision is to transform the landscape of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing using photoredox catalysis enabled by cost-effect and high performance organic PCs. He applies the "customer development", "lean startup", and "disciplined entrepreneurship" methodologies to establish crucial product-market fit.