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A Unified and Practical Method for Carbon-Heteroatom CrossCoupling via Nickel/Photo Dual Catalysis

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Abstract: While carbon-heteroatom cross coupling reactions have been extensively studied, many methods are specific and limited to a particular set of substrates or functional groups. Reported here is a general method that allows for C-O, C-N and C-S cross coupling reactions under one general set of conditions. We propose that an energy transfer pathway, in which an iridium photosensitizer produces an excited nickel (II) complex, is responsible for the key reductive elimination step that couples aryl bromides, iodides, and chlorides to 1° and 2° alcohols, amines, thiols, carbamates, and sulfonamides, and is amenable to scale up via a flow apparatus.

Reference : Escobar, R. A.; Johannes, J. W. A Unified and Practical Method for Carbon–Heteroatom Cross-Coupling Using Nickel/Photo Dual Catalysis. Chemistry – A European Journal 2020, 26 (23), 5168–5173.

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Publication Date: April 21, 2020

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